Champ Research Technology

Eyegotcha H2O Underwater Camera
Eyegotcha H2O

Technology Specific to Lake Monster Research

When performing research on a lake specialized equipment is a must. As researchers we need to know what’s happening on the land, on the lake surface, and under water. In order to do this, we have expanded the equipment that we’ve used in the past. Previously, we’ve employed the use of DSLR cameras, time-lapse photography, and underwater cameras. While the equipment we’ve used in the past has certainly helped to further our research we knew we wanted to look at more this year, which would require some new equipment.

We’re excited to have a significant upgrade to our underwater equipment with new, cutting edge cameras, hydrophones, and sonar. On land we also have upgraded time-lapse cameras and the addition of a drone equipped with audio and a camera. We also have night equipment that we will be utilizing during our research. We will also be able to perform multi-point water analysis on site and will be able to identify microbial components present in the water samples we obtain.

Some of the Technology at Champ Camp

  • Hydrophones

  • Underwater Cameras

  • Eyegotcha H20

  • Sonar

  • Time-Lapse Cameras

  • DSLR Cameras

  • Drones

  • Night Vision Scopes

  • HD Video Cameras

  • Weather Monitors

  • Water Sampling Kits

  • FLIR Thermal Imaging