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Support for Stronger Research

Over the years the Champ Camp team has invested thousands of dollars and dedicated many hours to researching the lake and the legend of Champ. With each trip we’ve built on what we’ve learned from the last expedition. However, we also realize that as our research efforts expand, so does the need for new or upgrades to existing equipment. This is where we need your help.

Camp Sponsors

Sponsors wishing to support the overall research project will be considered our Camp Sponsors and the extras purchases here are in some ways more important than specific technologies.

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Audio Sponsors

With attention being placed on acoustic surveillance of the lake, scanning for possible echolocation, hydrophones are invaluable. With additional funds raised in this category we would purchase additional, professional level hydrophones, used in whale research.

Support 2015

Visual Sponsors

With the new version of the EyeGotcha H20 being developed this year specifically for Champ Camp we would like to get as many submerged in the lake as possible. We have two completely outfitted and ready to go. There are a few more almost finished and just need extra funds to secure the additional interior pieces needed to be of use.

Support 2015

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